Pedestrian and
bridleway panels

The Polysafe Pedestrian and Bridleway system uses revolutionary lightweight panels and edge beams.

Every component weighs less than 60kg so it can be fitted manually by two people without the need for expensive machinery.

It is simple to fit and, unlike timber and heavier rubber systems they, can easily be removed and replaced during routine track maintenance, saving a fortune over time on plant hire and labour.

The system shares the high grip surface of the heavy duty steel framed polymer panel, so performs in the wet. It can be painted on in the same way as a road surface and the paint does not wear off easily as it does on other systems.

The surface is integral so does not peel off or need replacing like the expensive surface used on timber decks. The Pedestrian and Bridleway system is ideal wherever pedestrians or horses cross the track, for example public footpaths, bridleways, crossings between platforms, walking routes, signal box access, depot walkways etc.

The lightweight nature also makes it ideal for remote or difficult to access installations such as rambling routes. Although rated as a pedestrian and bridleway level crossing system, it has been tested way in excess of this using concrete blocks and vehicles.

The system is based on the Polysafe / Bomac design to give unrivalled performance in terms of strength, durability and grip, and will outlast other level crossing systems, making it highly cost effective. In particular it is a long term solution for troublesome timber crossings.

If the pedestrian route is in a high profile area, they can be combined with slabs or tiles to provide an attractive, continuous walkway.

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