Securing device / end restraint

Prevention of panel gaps was a long standing challenge for level crossing suppliers.

This was successfully overcome by Polysafe securing devices / end restraints, which secure the whole level crossing into place giving no lateral panel movement meaning no maintenance or panel gap problems.

As well as Polysafe level crossings, our end restraints can be retrospectively fitted to Bomac, timber and rubber level crossings and are seen by many as the most reliable solution to panel gaps.

Made of heavy duty galvanised steel, Polysafe end restraints come with all fixings and include adjustable sleeper clips, which are available for all common sleeper sizes. Our sales team will be able to advise you on the most suitable clips for your end restraints.

The design has an integral deflector plate, a design feature that saves both cost and installation time and which is compulsory as per the Railtrack specification.

Furthermore the design allows the securing devices to be fitted in conjunction with wooden anti-trespass guards.

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