Polysafe level crossing FAQs

Answers to our frequently asked questions.


How do I install a Polysafe level crossing system ?

Polysafe have produced an Installation Guide to assist in the installation and maintenance of Polysafe level crossing components (this may also be useful for Bomac panels / Bomac level crossings).

How much do the individual components weigh?

Please see the following on our website, which has a full list of individual product weights: Polysafe Download Menu / Installation Information.


Are Polysafe panels compatible with old Bomac panels?

Yes. In many level crossings Polysafe and Bomac panels can be seen side by side. Although there are design improvements built into the Polysafe panels they are basically the same dimensions – so patch replacement is straightforward (please note that Bomac rubber wedges do not fit Polysafe panels and vice versa – please contact our sales team for further advice). Polysafe panels can also be placed adjacent to rubber level crossing panels if, for instance, traffic volumes have increased demanding a heavier duty product but the budget for a full level crossing deck is not available. As an example Polysafe panels can be used in the cess and 6 foot whilst retaining rubber level crossing panels in the 4 foot.